Bolsa tela piezas

Easily washable orange fabric bag to store your wooden or plastic pieces.

It has a comfortable white cord closure.

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Fabric, Rubber, Cardboard, etc.
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Velvet bag for keeping the pieces. Size: No 6+ --> 22 x 30 cm. (up to 34 pieces no. 6)
Staunton model pieces made of carpwood and dyed dark, giving them a slightly rustic finish. They are carefully finished, weighed, and lined with felt at the bottom, making them comfortable to hold in the hand and...
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Elegant satin bag to store up to 32 pieces of No. 5. They are light, soft to the touch, resistant and very durable. Hand wash with mild soap. Parts not included.
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Talking bright beech pieces, with an elegant contrast in black, and an original Knight design. They come slightly plumb, with felt at the base, and good finishes. They are presented in a practice fabric bag.



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