Folding walnut board

Extraordinary chess board,with dark walnut frames and light sycamore wood frames.

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Square size
#4 → 45mm
Board size
#4 → 42mm
Board Thickness
Original hardcover box
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Magnificent folding set, perfect for travel. The chess pieces are handmade and made of hornbeam and beech wood. The embossed folding chess board has an insert tray for storage of chess pieces inside. This set is...
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Economical pine wooden box of excellent quality. Size: Medium size: 32 pieces not 4. Large size: 32 pieces not 6 or 34 not 5+ double queen Size XL: 34 pieces not 6 double ladies
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Chess Ambassador it's a folding board from our decorative range. Thanks to its large size and impeccable finish, it looks impressive when opened. The pieces are made of carp and sycamore wood, and being artistic...
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We offer you the opportunity to have the same set of pieces that Fischer and Spassky had, the model used to contest the world title in Reykjavik (Iceland) in the year 1972, called the "Match of the Century" because it...
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Pieces made of schima wallichii wood from the needle tree, with excellent value for money. Lightly plumbed and fitted with felt pads at the bottom. They feel great in the hand and slide smoothly across the board....
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Set of German Staunton model pieces, in acacia wood and ebonized boj. Plumes for increased stability. Fantastic value for money. Size of king (mm.)- No 6: height 94 base 35- Number 5: height 90 base 32- No 4: height...
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Elegant dyed wooden box to store the chess pieces. Includes two black and white compartments. Little one: 195 x 130 x 75 mm . Up to 32 pieces 5 or 34 pieces 4 (double queen) Median: 205 x 140 x 75 mm . Up to 34 pieces...
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The Indian chess set is a very beautiful game with many fine details. The chess pieces are made in the traditional Indian design, with a bit of color contrast to make each one really stand out. Each of these...



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