Mis Geniales Predecesores vol. 4

Un genio, Gary Kasparov, analiza minuciosamente a otro genio, Bobby Fischer, en uno de los libros más interesantes que pueden escribirse sobre ajedrez.

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One genius, Gary Kasparov, takes a close look at another genius, Bobby Fischer, in one of the most interesting books ever written about chess. They are two of the most charismatic and revolutionary players in over fifteen centuries of documented history, but very different from each other. Fischer had a very rough childhood in a country, the United States, where chess is taken very seriously in schools but is not popular as a profession. However, his stunning victories against Soviet stars came in the middle of the Cold War, and that made him a national hero, which also shocked the mental sport: millions of people were introduced to the game of kings thanks to him. When Fischer was proclaimed world champion in 1972, Kasparov was a nine-year-old boy, destined by his mother to
to be world champion in chess, and educated especially for that purpose in a very favorable environment in a country where being a chess player was a very honorable profession. It's almost impossible for a player, whatever his level, not to enjoy Fischer's games. It is, therefore, logical that the author of this book should endeavour to gloss the work of the great champion in volume IV of My brilliant predecessors. What. An essential book that also includes 64 pages of photographs.

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