Gambito de dama

La serie más famosa de ajedrez. El personaje de tu vida. El libro en el que se inspira la miniserie más vista de la historia de Netflix.

«Un libro que releo cada pocos años, por puro placer.» —Michael Ondaatje

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Since its first publication in 1983, this novel has become a cult book for chess players in particular and lovers of the great American novel in general. A secret that suddenly exploded in late 2020 with the premiere of the series based on this story, conquering the entire world in record time. Beth Harmon, the protagonist, is already an icon in the minds of millions of Queen's Gambit fans: orphaned, lonely, drug addicted, competitive, fragile, brilliant. A chess Mozart whose intelligence brings her as many successes as problems.

This novel, addictive, thrilling, and with a tension that does not diminish in every game, in every journey, in every moment of abandonment of the protagonist, who always oscillates between success and the abyss, will remain in the hearts of readers. And it will also serve as an introduction to the world of chess, which, like Beth Harmon, seems quiet and accessible, but underneath it lies a whole volcano of passions and dangers.

The reviewer said...

A cult book for chess players

BethBeth Harmon is an unforgettable creature, and Lady Gambit is Walter Tevis' most accomplished and heartbreaking work
Jonathan Lethem

Few novelists have written about genius and addiction with Walter Tevis's wit
The Telegraph

Don't start if you want to sleep tonight

«An addictive read [...] To the classics The Defence, by Nabokov, and The Chess Novel, by Zweig, now joins the Queen's Gambit
The Financial Times

We recommend that you wear a scarf on your fingers before opening the Queen's Gambit: if you don't, the suspension can make you bite your nails to the elbow.»
The Houston Chronicle

Time out

It's hypnotic
This is Newsweek.

It's exciting

The Financial Times

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