Mis Geniales Predecesores vol. 2

Kasparov analiza a sus predecesores Euwe, Botvinnik, Smyslov y Tal

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Gary Kasparov was still a child when Mikhail Botvinnik (1911-1995), the patriarch of Soviet chess, saw in him a future champion and revolutionary, and welcomed him as his favorite pupil in his special school for great talents. As clairvoyant as Botvinnik was, he could not imagine that this restless young Azerbaijani would dissect 30 years later the games of all world champions with exemplary and unprecedented depth. In this second volume, Kasparov analyzes the scientific style that defined his beloved teacher, the almost poetic harmony of Vasili Smyslov, the permanently erupting volcanic mind of Mikhail Tal and the consistency and mental discipline of the only non-USSR (or Russian) born champion of those who reigned between 1927 and 1972, the Dutchman Max Euwe. The work is completed with a tribute to justice: Paul Keres, David Bronstein and Efim Geller were uncrowned champions, they did not reach the throne by bad luck or by not having been born a few years earlier or later, and it is only fair that they appear in this gallery of dissected kings, whose faces can be seen on 64 pages (one for each box on the board!) dedicated to photos. Kasparov maintains that every champion tends to to fossilize, to take a nap on their laurels after a period of maximum creativity. But he now shows us the nectar of each of the geniuses, which he poured himself to become the greatest player in history... until another genius does the same with his best games.

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Kasparov analiza a sus predecesores Euwe, Botvinnik, Smyslov y Tal ¡ÚLTIMAS UNIDADES! Descuento OUTLET por liquidación de producto.



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