Cheparinov's 1.d4! Volume 2 – The Slav & Semi-Slav

Welcome to Volume 2 of 1.D4 of Cheparinov!
In the second part of the series, I share my knowledge about Slavic Defense. I trust that the book contains many new and interesting ideas and I have tried to give you the best practical options. Objectively speaking, black looks good in many lines, but in practice things can look different. While I can't promise you a huge advantage on every line, I think you'll have the best hands-on opportunities during the game.

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Writing the second volume was very challenging for me. The Slav Defence encompasses a broad but solid theoretical body. Black women have many options and finding advantages and practical opportunities was not easy. In any case. From amateurs to very strong players, I think all chess players will appreciate this book. While the COVID pandemic gave me a lot of free time to focus on the book, I'm very happy to see that many tournaments have returned. This means that my book may be useful and you may be able to apply some of the ideas to your games. The best way to use this book is to first examine the lines on a real board and then check them with a motor. I hope this method of study will increase your understanding of the positions arising from the Slave. This book can be a very important starting point for building your repertoire 1.d4.

(GM Ivan Cheparinov, March of 2022)

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