Re-Engineering the Chess Classics

Matthew Sadler and Steve Giddins take a new look at 35 classic games. They've unleashed the collective power of Leela, Komodo, and Stockfish to help us humans understand what happened in the games of fan favorites like Boris Spassky, Mikhail Tal, Bent Larsen, and Bobby Fischer.

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Are you ready for new strategic insights into thirty-five of the most fascinating and complex chess games ever played by world champions and other grandmasters? Grandmaster Matthew Sadler and renowned chess writer Steve Giddins take a fresh look at some classic games ranging from Anderssen-Dufresne, played in 1852, to Botvinnik-Bronstein (1951) and Geller-Euwe (1953). They've unleashed the collective power of Leela, Komodo and Stockfish to help us humans understand what happened in the games of fan favorites like Boris Spassky, Mikhail Tal, Bent Larsen and Bobby Fischer.

Early chess engines improved our appreciation of classical games by pointing out tactical errors in the original notes of the contemporary game. But Matthew Sadler's experience is discovering the positional course of a game with the help of the second generation of chess engines that emerged after 2018.

This book will change your perception of the strategic and technical patterns of these games. For example, you will learn to appreciate and understand a classic Capablanca finale. And a classic Petrosian-quality sacrifice. And a winning and then losing end of a king hunt between Spassky and Tal. You'll see how Larsen already understood the force of h-pawn movement long before the revelation of AlphaZero. The engines offer new strategic ideas and plans that human players have yet to consider. Even the "best anti-Indian king player of all time", Viktor Korchnoi, would be amazed by the module's unique insights into White's advances on the queen's flank.

The most instructive games are usually the most strategic and technical. Using modern engines, the authors have redesigned a wonderful collection of classic games, generating dozens of positional chess lessons that will help all players and experts in the club improve their game.

The GM Matthew Sadler is the world's strongest amateur chess player, contributor to New In Chess magazine and co-author of the award-winning books Game Changer: AlphaZero's groundbreaking chess strategies and the promise of AI and Chess for Life.

MF Steve Giddins is a prolific chess writer and journalist. Collected and edited The New In Chess Book of Chess Improvement, wrote books on Nimzowitsch, Alekhine and Bronstein, and co-authored The Lasker Method.

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