Mis Geniales Predecesores vol. 3

El tercer tomo de la extraordinaria obra de Garry Kasparov tiene por objeto a Tigran Petrosian y Boris Spassky

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The turbulent sixties were galloping when a brilliant deaf man, like Beethoven, reminded us that the beauty of chess is not only found in romantic sacrifices. Many of Tigran Petrosian's games impress because a melodic thread unites the movements until the outcome, almost always elegant. Although the Armenian used to listen to Tchaikovsky before his duels, another world champion, Mijail Tal, compared his art with that of Liszt, perhaps because of the great complexity that unites them: the Hungarian's piano sonatas are as difficult to interpret as Petrosian's subtle maneuvers. Feints from the left to launch from the right, long-term deliveries of material and prophylaxis even prior to the rival's thoughts define a genius, unfairly labeled for his draws without a fight. Something similar happens with his successor, Boris Spassky, whom we can compare with Mozart due to the immense talent of both, although the Austrian was hyperactive and the former Soviet, now French, a master of laziness. However, and despite the fact that we almost always talk about him as a supporting actor in Bobby Fischer's great film, Spassky is one of the greats in history, the tenth world champion, with all the merit. His and Petrosian's work can be heard in this book under the wonderful direction of Gary Kasparov, who also does justice to four who were not champions but were virtuoso: Gligoric, Polugaievsky, Portisch and Stein, the luxury opening acts of a concert masterly.

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