Guide to chess boards and pieces

Choosing the ideal chess set is not an easy task. The large number of prices, sizes, materials and other characteristics often complicates our choice. This guide will help you make the right purchase decision.

General characteristics


To classify the pieces according to their size, in Ajedrez21 we use the standard Staunton, which assigns a number to each set of pieces based on the height of the king, which determines the size of the rest of the pieces.

The most widely used models are the Staunton 4, 5 and 6, which we market in Ajedrez21. What. Sizes 1 to 3 are too small, while sizes 7 and up are somewhat larger, and are used more for decorative purposes.

  • Size 4 is the minimum appropriate for playing, perfect for both children and adults, takes up little space, is easy to carry and is very convenient for analyzing or playing games.
  • Size 5 –visibly larger– is ideal for frequent use, and is by far the most used in informal games, clubs and amateur competitions.
  • Finally, size 6 –a larger pelin– is the usual in high-level tournaments, elegant and decorative, but fully functional. Perfect for serious play.

A minor but important factor is the weight of the pieces. Most of the models we sell in Ajedrez21 they are made of leaded pireces, slightly more expensive, but they provide more stability, although there is little difference with the lightweight pieces of good quality. On the product fiche the customer can see the size, colour and whether the pieces are plumed or light.


The size of the boards is defined on the basis of two factors: the size of the board and the box. This last factor is key to combining well with the pieces. In general, the higher pieces have a wider base. Ideally, the piece fills the box, but without reaching the edges, leaving enough space to separate it from the pieces in adjacent boxes.

The most common models are boards with box sizes of 40, 50 and 60 millimeters, which usually have outer measures of 40, 50 and 60 centimeters, respectively.

In order to make it as easy as possible for the customer to find the best combination Ajedrez21 we've named these board sizes as 4, 5 and 6, so it's super easy to relate them to the most appropriate pieces.


The ideal is to combine pieces and board of the same number, although it is a matter of taste. The size difference between pieces 5 and 6 is small, so it is perfectly possible to use pieces 6 on a board 5, and vice versa. In Ajedrez21 we offer numerous photographs, so that the customer can get a clear idea of how the combination will turn out.

Another important aspect when combining board and pieces is the colors. Maple boards –with white and black frames– combine well with sets of ebonized pieces, which present a purer black. The sapelli and mahogany boards feature softer colors, cream and brown, which combine ideally with acacia-type pieces. Again, it is a matter of taste. Beautiful pieces of wood will always look wonderful on a good wooden board.

Board and piece sizes



Height of the King: 78 mm.

Base diameter: 30 to 34 mm.


40 to 45 mm square.



Height of the King: 90 mm.

Base diameter: 33 to 38 mm.


50mm square.



Height of the King: 95 mm.

Base diameter: 35 to 43 mm.


Square 55 to 60 mm.

Chess Piece and Board Sizes

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