VIMEO high-speed streaming zone with dozens of special videos of the grandmaster This is Miguel Illescas. These are high-quality, unpublished and exclusive materials for Peón de Rey it's digital.

Miguel Illescas is the editor of the magazine Peón de Rey. What. The international grandmaster and nine-time Spanish champion regularly makes exclusive recordings for magazine subscribers, such as:

- My best games show.
- The series "Test of tactics".

Jorge Ramírez is a FIDE master and is the current deputy director of the magazine Peón de Rey. What. In addition to being a youtuber, he stands out for his simple and very didactic style. With each new issue of the magazine, Jorge makes exclusive recordings for PDR subscribers, in which he expands and complements some articles published in the printed version. Some examples of his work can be found at the PDR Video Club:

- Attack made in Kasparov .
- The legacy of Morphy .
- The jewel of Edward Lasker .

Exclusive PDR subscribers

We've created a space in the Ajedrez21 so that you can easily and conveniently access the PDR video club, with your user account of Ajedrez21.

Video club

Exclusive VIMEO area, the subscriber will be able to find recordings made by our editor, the great maestro Miguel Illescas. This is unpublished and exclusive material for PDR DIGITAL subscribers.

Great quality

Video series like My best games» in which the eight-time spanish champion comments in depth on some of his games against the world elite. Big champions like Kárpov, Short, and Gelfand, and so on.


Every month, the GM Miguel Illescas it produces new recordings and series, which are being added to the It's called the PDR Video Club. And we also bring our subscribers samples of great news in Ajedrez21.




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