Chess: a game for life

Chess is a game of strategy and tactics that has been enjoyed by people of all ages for centuries. It is a game that requires a great capacity for concentration, reasoning and planning. With chess you are guaranteed a fun and healthy time

Why learn to play chess?

The rules of chess are very simple and it only takes a few minutes to start a game. Almost everyone has played a game at some point in their life, even if they have forgotten it a little now. For these same reasons, chess is a great educational tool for the youngest, but also for adults and seniors by keeping cognitive abilities in shape, as if it were a true gym of the mind.

There are many ways to learn chess, but very few that are really entertaining and allow you to start in the "correct" way. Miguel Illescas - international chess grandmaster and 8-time champion of Spain - has dedicated the last few years to developing a revolutionary and very complete system for learning chess. Best of all, his courses include all possible media: books, videos and ebooks. In this way, the fan can choose which material he prefers, depending on his level, interest or available time.

How to learn to play chess WELL?

How to learn to play chess WELL?

The free video chess course

The free video chess course

Getting started is the most important thing. And to do this, it is best to be able to do it with quality material. Thanks to this exclusive promotion, we offer you to enjoy - for the first time and completely free - the Chess Course on video recorded by the champion Miguel Illescas. With this 90-minute course, you will learn to play chess from scratch, or it will allow you to remember some rules or moves that you had forgotten.

Course index

📺 VIDEO #01
01. The board
02. the pieces
03. The King
04. The Rook
05. Chess defense: escape
06. Checkmate

📺 VIDEO #02
07. Checkmate with Rook
08. Attack and defense
09. Chess defense: capture
10. Material gain
11. X-ray attack
12. X-ray attack and defense
13. Deviation
14. Material gain (2)
15. Chess defense: coverage

📺 VIDEO #03

16. Discovered Check
17. Attack and Defense (2)
18. Double Threat (Fork)
19. Stalemate
20. The Bishop
21. Pin
22. Discovered Check (2)

📺 VIDEO #04

23. Pin (2)
24. Combinations
25. Combinations (2)
26. Check Defenses
27. Cover and Exchange
28. The Queen
29. Kiss Mate
30. Back Rank Mate
31. Double Discovered Check

📺 VIDEO #05

32. The Knight
33. Double Check
34. Insufficient Material Draw
35. Double Check (2)
36. Double Check (3)
37. Combinations (3)
38. Double Check (4)
39. The Pawn

📺 VIDEO #06

40. The Pawn: Promotion
41. Piece Value
42. Overload
43. Sacrifice
44. Removal of the Defender

📺 VIDEO #07

45. Favorable Exchange
46. Promotion
47. Stalemate (2)
48. En passant
49. En passant (2)

📺 VIDEO #08

50. Opening
51. Castling
52. Castling (2)
53. Threefold Repetition Draw

How to access the course

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