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Peón de Rey nº 155 celebra su 20 aniversario con una edición especial de 116 páginas y con unos contenidos más exclusivos y sorprendentes que nunca. Revelamos los secretos del "superhéroe" Rey Enigma que ha revolucionado el mundo del ajedrez. ¿Han descubierto su identidad? ¿Ha sido derrotado alguna vez? ¿Qué tiene de especial su traje? A esta entrevista sumamos la primera colaboración de "Luisón", el popular streamer, quien nos deleita con sus experiencias en su artículo, "Las 10 claves para salvar posiciones desesperadas". Y mucho más... ¡descúbrelo!

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Peón de Rey no. 155 is celebrating its 20th anniversary with a special edition of 116 pages and with more exclusive and surprising content than ever.

We reveal for the first time the secrets of King Enigma, the "superhero" who has revolutionized the world of chess and its "superpowers". Have you discovered his identity? Have you ever been defeated? What are those superpowers? What's so special about your suit? In addition to the exclusive interview with King Enigma we add the first collaboration of "Luison", the popular streamer, who delights us with his experiences in his lengthy article, "The 10 keys to saving desperate positions".

The former world champion This is Vladimir Krámnik signed an exclusive partnership, hand in hand with the GM Miguel Illescas, in which some secrets of the match for the world title in London 2000 against the "giant" are revealed" Casparov. What. In this first installment, Kramnik and Other address the Defence of Berlin, which proved to be an impassable wall for Casparov.

We also have exclusive commentary from the new Spanish champion It's all about the team, who comments on his best games in the tournament that earned him the absolute title. For its part, the GM David Anton he comments exclusively for PDR on his best European Club Championship match. And another highlight of this incredible issue is the one signed by the two-time Spanish champion and openings expert, Angel Martin, with a review of the variant Dragon of the Sicilian; an indispensable material for any amateur who wants to understand this system.

And it is that the 16 extra pages of PDR-155 20th anniversary give for much more: the GM Daniel Alsina he comments on the star moments of the Norway Chess winning by Magnus Carlsen. What. The GM Andrea Stella the european parliament has once again delighted us with its high-strategy articles "the long term sacrifices". What. And the GM Miguel Illescas it surprises us with a beautiful selection of art studies by great masters in this genre.

And of course not! As the magazine celebrates its 20th anniversary, we have made an extensive tour of the magazine's major milestones in this long time, with the collaboration of the illustrators Other and It 's David Revilla.

A copy for history!

Table of contents


  • Who is Enigma King?


  • Fuck the World Cup


  • The historical review
  • Crazy about chess


  • Before the World Cup
  • Carlsen repeats in his feud (GM Daniel Alsina)
  • The prophecy
  • My best game of the European
  • Women's national team (GM Miguel Illescas)
  • That's it. from Spain by Teams (MI Diego Adla)
  • That's it. from Spain individual (GM Eduardo Itturrizaga)


  • Fall of a giant I (GM Vladímir Krámnik and GM Miguel Illescas)
  • This Decision shall enter into force on the date of its adoption
  • The library of Galván (Jorge I. Aguadero)
  • Chess and Science


  • Who is Enigma King? (George I. Waterman Married)
  • He is the father of two children


  • Training: 10 key positions are desperate (MF Luis Fernández Siles - Luisón)
  • I'm not going to let you go
  • Strategy: Sacrifices in the long term (GM Andrea Stella)
  • Finals: Selected studies (GM Miguel Illescas)
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