Courses in EDAMI

CURSO 2023-2024: no se exige pago de matrícula.

  • Horarios: de lunes a viernes, de 18h a 21h
  • Edades: infantil y adultos
  • Niveles: básico, medio y avanzado
  • Primer trimestre: del 18 de septiembre al 22 de diciembre.
  • Segundo trimestre: del 8 de enero al 22 de marzo.
  • Tercer trimestre: del 2 de abril al 21 de junio.

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EDAMI it's the School of Chess Miguel Illescas in Barcelona, with activities aimed at teaching, promoting and developing chess. We offer classes for children and adults at our headquarters. EDAMI is part of the company Chess Education and Technology, led by GM Miguel Illescas, which integrates the store Ajedrez21 and the magazine Peón de Rey.

Raul Minguez

It 's 2196

Chess master and coach of the Spanish Chess Federation and the Catalan Chess Federation.

Raul has over 20 years of experience in face-to-face and online classes, for amateurs of all levels and ages.

He's one of the professors of EDAMI with more career and professional recognition.

Raul Minguez
Jorge Ramirez

Jorge Ramirez

It 's 2242

FIDE Master of Chess, born in Mexico and currently living in Barcelona where he plays and exercises as a professional chess coach. He is a well-known chess promoter with a popular YouTube channel: Passion for Chess”, with several thousand followers.

In his more than 15 years as a coach he has developed a global vision of the game, which he has turned into a very popular book: The secrets of chess.


The Catalan Chess School has more than 30 chess instructors with extensive experience and professional experience.

It combines the management of the Director of the Barcelona Chess School for the last 6 years, Jordi Sardà, with the knowledge and extensive experience of the EDAMI (Chess School of Miguel Illescas).

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