Peón de Rey 99

Peón de Rey not 99 [jul-ago 2012]. What. It's already at your nearest kiosk or home number 99 Peón de Rey in all colours. Main contents: Grand Competition PdR-99: the last three volumes of the collection EDAMI Openings! Anand-Gelfand World Championship, Memorial Tal... and much more.

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Peón de Rey no 98 (may to june 2012)


Page 8 - World Championships
Chronicle of the match - GM Ian Rogers
Analysis of the items - Varios GMs
Interview with Anand - GM Ian Rogers
Page 34 - Memorial such
Carlsen has won in extremis - GM Amador Rodríguez
I'm sorry, but I have to go
Ivanchuk wins for the sixth time
Page 56 - XXV Magistral of Leon
Vallejo won against Topalov - GM Amador Rodríguez
Page 62 - Spanish Championship
Great win by Ivan Salgado - GM Oscar de la Riva
Match Aronian and Kramnik
Final tie between 2nd and 3rd in the world - MI Angel Martín
Page 66 - Sigeman & Co tournament in Malmö
Another triumph by Fabiano Caruana - MI Angel Martin
Page 75 - United States championship
Nakamura has dethroned Kamsky


See also - New competition PDR 99
Solve the problem with ingenuity. The winner of the competition will receive the last three volumes of our collection EDAMI Openings!


Page 5 - Elo list FIDE and Live Chess Ratings
Page 54 - The Flash
- Brief information on recent tournaments


Page 64 - Theoretical news from the World Cup - GM Oscar de la Riva
Page 82 - Understanding the openings - My Angel Martin


Page 89 - The 10 essential mates - GM Miguel Illescas
See also - Tactical problems
Page 88 - Measure your strength

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