Board pirates

Pirates of the Board is a board game for all audiences in which pirate tactics and chess strategy are combined.

Each player uses two bishops and a Knight to try to follow the treasure sequence, conquer territories, use animals to tackle the opponent or get items to steal treasures.

The goal is to get the most points to win the game.

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Ocachess, a new game for children

OCACHESS was born out of the need to find effective educational resources for teaching chess to young children.

OCACHESS merges the popular, simple and fun board game goose with the king of games, the age-old chess.

The child gains a number of undisputed psychological benefits from play: it stimulates reasoning, increases creativity and memory, creates a favourable environment for concentration and decision-making, etc.

OCACHESS takes the educational and psychological benefits of chess to a new stage, a new game, with fun nurturing learning.

Ideal for family play being one of the games that brings more psychological virtues.


  • 81 Cards
  • 154 Questions
  • 154 Math challenges
  • 2 Basic and advanced game levels.
  • Sand clock.
  • I got it.
  • 4 pawns.
  • The blackboard.
  • Sponge removable marker
  • Instructions for use
  • Table of 40 x 40.

Who is it addressed to?

It is specially designed for children over 6 years of age, who are beginning to play chess. It is ideal for family play, as 2 to 4 players can participate.

Ocachess it proposes two levels of play: basic and advanced, with 154 questions and 154 mathematical challenges.

Thus, in addition to learning basic chess concepts, the child consolidates and learns, almost imperceptibly, knowledge of other disciplines such as logic or mathematics.


it's a wonderful educational resource for children that helps them:

  • Learn basic and advanced chess concepts.
  • Solve mathematical challenges related to chess.
  • Familiarize themselves with aspects of the game and acquire proficiency in logic and mathematics.
  • Learning in a fun way. Have fun in the learning process.
  • Stimulate attention, memory, stimulate reflection and acceptance of group norms.
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OCACHESS merges the popular, simple and fun game ofwith the king of games, the millennial chess.Ocachess it proposes two levels of play: basic and advanced,with 154 questions and 154 math challenges.Thus, alongside...
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