Repertoire with 1.d4 - The Ace up Your Sleeve

The My Michael Rahal came up with a fantastic and amazing white opener repertoire with 1.d4, it is aimed especially at amateurs, club and tournament players.

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In recent years, aperture theory has evolved so much that it is very difficult to move between the tangle of analysis, lines and variants, often too subtle even for masters. What can I say to the fans!

It's no coincidence that the world champion, Magnus Carlsen, he often plays poorly crafted schemes, ensuring that he passes through the opening into less known channels. Then, in the middle of the game and at the end, the incredible quality of his play allows him to often accumulate small advantages until he prevails. But how many Carlsen are there in the world?

With all this in mind, the MI Michael Rahal devised a fantastic and surprising repertoire of openings for White with 1.d4, especially aimed at fans, club and tournament players. What. All variants chosen have the same thread conduits, namely:

  1. They're variants with a solid reputation. What. That is to say, many other great players have implemented them repeatedly and, therefore, we will not be risking that our rivals can 'refut' them on the board.
  2. They're aggressive and surprising variants. What. Once learned, they are a deadly weapon in our arsenal, for the slightest mistake on the part of our rivals will cause them to fall into sheer inferiority and be crushed in the open.
  3. No need to memorize long variations and analyses. What. One of the keys! Thanks to the in-depth study carried out by the My name is Michael Rahal of each system, you only have to consider what is strictly necessary. Through these 19 super instructive and easy-to-assimilate videos. you'll be surprising your rival the next day!
  4. The high quality of the videos. As is widely acknowledged, the The international master is Michael Rahal, he's one of the most experienced and reputable coaches. He is currently the coordinator of pedagogical activities of the School of Chess iguelMiguel Illescas” - EDAMI, and a close collaborator of the Spanish Grandmaster. He is also one of the coaches of the Catalan Chess Federation, having obtained many successes in the formation of young Catalan promises.

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You will receive an email to download a PDF with instructions for IMMEDIATE DOWNLOAD of the 19 MP4 videos. We have chosen the professional platform Wetransfer Plus so you can unload them be as fast as your Internet connection allows. All the videos you can download them as many times as you want and save them to any device that plays MP4 videos: PC, Mac, Tablet, mobile, TV, etc.

Index of the 19 videos


  1. Presentation by MI Michael Rahal (free sample).

Content of the series 1.d4

  1. Anti-Grunfeld systems (3 videos).
  2. Anti-Dutch systems (3 videos).
  3. System against the Indies (3 videos).
  4. Tower attack 10 videos.
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