First Steps: 1 e4 e5

Esta obra del GM Emms hace un repaso general de algunas de las aperturas más importantes del ajedrez: Española, Italiana, Gambito Evans, Escocesa y muchas otras

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Starting a chess game with 1 e4 e5 is so common that the resulting complex of opening systems traditionally commands its own sobriquet, “The Open Games” (1 e4 met by other replies are “Semi-Open Games” and everything else comes under “Closed Games”). The central structure with pawns on e4 and e5 often leads to play based around highly classical themes which are the bedrock of successful chess understanding.

First Steps is a new opening series and is ideal for improving players who want simple and straightforward explanations. First Steps emphasizes:

  • the basic principles
  • the basic strategies
  • the key tricks and traps
Ficha técnica
Nº Páginas 304
Idioma Inglés
ISBN 978-1781944134
Tema Aperturas
Medidas y Formato 17 x 24 cm
Nivel Jugador de Club
Tipo de Producto Papel
Autor John Emms
Año edición 2018

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