Grandmaster Opening Preparation (cartoné)

El GM Jaan Ehlvest explica la preparación de aperturas a alto nivel, cómo equilibrar las recomendaciones del módulo con las reflexiones humanas y da muchos consejos prácticos para construir un repertorio de aperturas propio

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There are hundreds of opening books available, full of deep analysis, but many of them fail to explain the reasons for choosing one computer line over another. And how top players distinguish between good and bad opening lines remains a mystery to most of the chess world.

Grandmaster Opening Preparation addresses such questions as how to balance computer preparation with human considerations, along with a wealth of practical advice on how to go about building the opening repertoire which is right for you. The book also provides an in-depth treatment of the evolution in understanding of Isolated Queen’s Pawn positions, which will enable the reader to become more effective in a multitude of openings, with either colour.

Jaan Ehlvest is an Estonian-American grandmaster, a former Estonian Champion, and a former Soviet and European Junior Champion. Ehlvest is also an Olympiad Gold medallist and has been ranked in the top five in the world.

Ficha técnica
Nº Páginas 272
Idioma Inglés
ISBN 978-1784830533
Tema Aperturas
Medidas y Formato 17'5 x 24'5 cm
Nivel Jugador de Club
Tipo de Producto Papel
Autor Jaan Ehlvest
Año edición 2018

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