Chess Informant 136 Nuevo

Chess Informant 136

El nuevo Informator 135 presenta colaboraciones de Saric, Berkes, Ragger, Delchev, Marin y muchos otros, además de las secciones tradicionales con 200 partidas comentadas, combinaciones, finales, etc.

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Milanovic – The World Championship Match: Tan Zhnogyi – Ju Wenjun

Milanovic – The 4th Muskateer Rises: Shankland`s brilliant US Championship

Saric – How I became the European Champion (interview and games)

Berkes – Tricky and Ambitious Way of tackling the Caro Kann

Delchev – The Semi Slav (Complete Repertoire for Black) – part 1

Ragger  –  How to avoid the Petroff in style

Marin – Old Wine In New Bottles (Attacking with slow, peaceful moves)

Shyam Sundar  – New Ideas in the Realms of Anti-Marshall

Perunovic – The Sicilian Offroad II

Tasic – Correspondence Chess

Chess Studies Section – Starring Yochanan Afek

Best of Chess Informant presents the selection from chess opus of one of the elite players of the present days – starring: ANISH GIRI

Traditional sections: games, combinations, endings, problems, the best game from the preceding volume and the most important theoretical novelty from the preceding volume.

The periodical that pros use with pleasure is at the same time a must have publication for all serious chess students!

Ficha técnica
Nº Páginas 336
ISBN 978-8672970944
Idioma Inglés
Medidas y Formato 17 x 24 cm
Tema Partidas
Tipo de Producto Papel
Nivel Maestro
Año edición 2018

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