My Magic Years with Topalov

El GM Edouard rememora su experiencia como analista de Topalov entre 2010 y 2014. Edouard analiza partidas magníficas, explica cómo crearon ideas nuevas e incluso revela algunas que no se llegaron a jugar; además de explicar datos curiosos y anécdotas.

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For the purpose of writing this book I decided to look at all the games Veselin has played from 1995 until the present, as there were many I didn’t know! I must say that, although seeing great moves from a 2800 player sounds normal, it was impossible not to be astonished by some of his games. Topalov is one of the kings of practical decisions in chess. He regards chess as more a sport than a science. If he thinks an idea will work over the board, the notion of risk is irrelevant to him. He wants to be on the attack and believes an objectively inferior position isn’t necessarily bad if his opponent needs to find several difficult defensive moves. “If that’s the only move for my opponent, let’s enter the line and see if he sees it!” is his philosophy. He never liked peace over the board or routine play. The moments where he has refused to repeat moves or has sacrificed something strictly out of intuition are countless. In short, Topalov’s aim has always been to hit hard and bring his own touch to the game, and I think he has succeeded!

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Autor Romain Edouard
Año edición 2019

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José Luís
2019-03-16 07:57:40
Romain Eduard recorre su colaboración con Veselin Topalov mostrando las líneas de apertura trabajadas conjuntamente y que tantos éxitos le reportaron al GM bülgaro
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