The Fianchetto Solution

Un repertorio completo para blancas y negras basado en 1.Cf3/2.g3 y 1...g6. El objetivo es transponer con ambos colores a las estructuras examinadas en detalle de  India de Rey, Volga, Benoni, Defensa Moderna o Siciliana Dragón.

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When experienced chess teacher Emmanuel Neiman learned that some of his pupils hesitated to play in competitions for fear of being crushed in the opening, he wanted to help. 

Neiman knew that amateurs have little time to seriously study opening theory, so he had to come up with a practical, complete, easy-to-learn and solid opening repertoire that would not outdate rapidly.

And that is what he did. Neiman advises amateurs to play (with both colours!) the flexible King’s Fianchetto system, where the Bishop is a defender of the King and at the same time an attacker. 

No matter what side you are, you use the same basic ideas: as White you are targeting the light squares and as Black the dark squares, while applying roughly the same strategies, plans and tactical motifs.

Neiman has teamed up with Samy Shoker, who gained the Grandmaster title by mainly playing the King’s Fianchetto systems (and sometimes beating 2700+ rated players with it!). 

The result is a complete and practical repertoire which will give club players a sound and flexible middlegame position they can feel at home in. In many lines Neiman and Shoker not only present a solid approach but also a sharp and aggressive alternative.

The authors don’t promise you a large advantage every time you play their system, but one thing is certain: after studying this entertaining book you can play the opening confidently and you will be a better all-round player because you have learned many essential middlegame lessons. Even (very) strong players will find the ideas of Neiman and Shoker useful as an easy-to-play occasional weapon.

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