1001 Chess Exercises for Club Players

A workbook that also explains all the key topics club players need to know

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A complete course for club and tournament players

Chess is 99% tactics. This celebrated observation is not only true for beginners, but also for club players (Elo 1500 2000). If you want to win more games, nothing works better than training your combination skills.

There are two types of books on tactics: those that introduce the concepts followed by some examples, and workbooks that contain lots of exercises. FIDE Master Frank Erwich has done both: he explains all the key tactical ideas AND provides an enormous amount of exercises for each different theme.

Erwich has created a complete tactics book for ambitious club and tournament players. He takes you to the next level of identifying weak spots in the position of your opponent, recognizing patterns of combinations, visualizing tricks and calculating effectively. Erwich has also included a new and important element: tests that will improve your defensive skills.

1001 Chess exercises for club players is not a freewheeling collection of puzzles. It serves as a course textbook, because only the most didactically productive exercises are featured. Every chapter starts with easy examples, but don't worry: the level of difficulty will steadily increase.

It 's Frank Erwich is a FIDE Master and an experienced chess trainer from the Netherlands

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