Lo mejor de Capablanca

Obra completa de J.R. Capablanca. Se estudian los principios estratégicos en los finales y en el medio juego además de un trabajo excelente que se divulgó en 1942 y 35 partidas comentadas describiendo su desarrollo como jugador.

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José Raúl Capablanca (Havana 1888 – New York 1942). He was world chess champion from 1921 until 1927, when he lost the title to Alexander Alekhine in Buenos Aires. At the age of twenty, without having opened a chess book, he faced the great Frank Marshall, with the surprising result 8-1 and 14 draws. Three years later, in the prestigious San Sebastian tournament of 1911, he won the beauty prize against the great Ossip Berstein, who had objected to the Cuban's participation in the tournament, considering him too young and inexperienced. Technique, intuition, speed, aesthetic sense, elegance and effectiveness are some of the virtues that characterized Capablanca's game. Some comments about Capablanca: “His depth is that of a mathematician, not that of a poet. His genius is Roman, not Greek.” Emanuel Lasker “You cannot frighten Capablanca with suspicious or unhealthy sacrifices. If he has enough time to reflect, he accurately and rigorously weighs the combination and brings out its weaknesses." Emanuel Lasker “Take the plays out of your sleeve.” Jacques Mieses

Fundamentos of chess it describes strategic principles in the finals and mid-game, which are still valid today. It accurately analyzes thirteen games against front-line rivals, such as Rubinstein, Marshall or Mieses.

Basic Chess Lessons it was an excellent work by Capablanca that was released in February 1942 through the RCA Victor microphones.

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Previously unpublished in Spanish, My Chess Career it was the first work written by Capablanca in 1920. It includes 35 commented matches linked with autobiographical narrative, describing his development as a player. This edition contains an annex with 32 items analysed by MF Daniel Elguezábal, covering the period from 1921 onwards.

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