The Essence of Chess Strategy – Volume 2 – Pawn Structures

PASSION. This feeling can be felt throughout this book, and together with great material, it gives the reader that extra something, which cannot be described in words, but only felt. Taking advantage of doubled pawns has always been my forte. Sometimes it seems like I based my chess career almost entirely on that! And I can't emphasize enough the importance of this simple tip: Learn to play pawns, they really are the soul of chess! With carefully selected and analyzed material, Boroljub will help you get one step closer to the great Philidor.

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Basing mainly my chess work on this statement of the great Chinese military theorist, I have managed throughout my career as a chess coach to implement many of his principles, and even establish them as valid for the game of chess. I think the above statement should be taken as an axiom. Therefore, strategy should be the main theme of chess, and it should definitely be based on logic. In addition, strategy must stand above all other chess themes and sub-themes; strategy is the ultimate idea of chess and sublimates and determines other principles.

How to learn strategy? Can you learn? It can be, of course. And these volumes are the perfect guide to learning (or, more accurately, learning to understand) strategy.

My idea is to shed light on all the strategic concepts in these volumes. To help you navigate more simply, I have divided all the material into two volumes. The first explores the elements of the strategy, explaining the typical and essential principles in detail. The second is about pawn structures. Of course, the structures themselves mean nothing without recognizing patterns and principles of the elements (because pawn structures are used to determine the values of pieces, for example). That's why volume two can be considered an advanced level of strategy. In general, examples will be based on updated material taken from Volume One.

~ Boroljub Zlatanovic was born

The Preface

I've known Boroljub since childhood. When I think of him, the first word that comes to mind is passion. Whether in chess or football, the Dunst Opening or the Nimzovich Defense, he always seemed to be able to reach heights due to his devotion and dedication to whatever he was currently busy with. Not surprisingly, this will eventually result in encyclopedic knowledge of whatever area you choose to focus on. I will mention an interesting episode.

At some point in his life, Boroljub developed an affection for game shows. It wasn't long before he became a television celebrity, giving correct answers to incredibly difficult questions in very diverse areas. I vividly remember almost falling out of my chair watching him on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, thinking, how can this guy know EVERYTHING? Contest producers simply stop inviting you under the threat of bankruptcy! When he started teaching, he kept doing it with the same enthusiasm. This feeling can be felt throughout the book, and along with great material, it gives the reader that extra something, which cannot be described in words, but only felt.

I really hope you enjoy the book, and I recommend you read carefully the chapter on bad pieces, it will bring you some points in the future!

GM is Solak Dragan, 2022

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