Clocks and electronic boards. Sets.

To connect each of the following 11 Smart Boards, a set a connector consisting of: USB-C card to bus cable Panel to clock wire 5 m connecting cable A connector box
6 reviews
The DGT Starter Box (grey) includes a double folded chessboard and plastic chess pieces DGT high-quality weightings. The chessboard is made of laminated hardcover. Everything you need to get started in chess!
1 review
Connection material, manual and software for the USB Smart Board DGT. Fritz is 14. The USB cable. Clock connection cable DGT. This is manual.
5 reviews
High quality plastic pieces, slightly plumbed and with felt on the base. We added an extra Queen of each color, all presented in a soft velvet bag.
35 reviews
These indestructible pieces will last a lifetime! Made of high-quality plastic, they are lightly plumbed and finished with felt underneath. This is optional Couple of extra ladies (number 6)
€224.13 €280.17
Find out how DGT Pegasus will change the way you play online. It connects quickly and easily to the most popular portals such as chess.com or lichess. Bluetooth wireless chessboard, with innovative pieces designed by...



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