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In this book, the German FIDE master Jonas Hacker offers a complete repertoire for the whites when they face the Sicilians. The recommended systems are based on sound strategic considerations. Unloading  free sample...
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The Sämisch variation is an aggressive system to combat King's India and Benoni. This work focuses on the modern move 6.Bg5!?, less known but no less dangerous than 6.Be3 and a favorite of players like Dreev, Sadler,...
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In this book, FIDE master John Doknjas examines all aspects of this highly complex opening and provides the reader with a well-researched, fresh and innovative analysis. The modern Benoni is the most aggressive method...
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A new work dedicated to the ultra-solid Caro-Kann Defense. The books in the "First Steps" collection include carefully selected instructional games to demonstrate the plans of both sides
Lakdawala analyzes his favorite games of the legendary Viktor Korchnoi and examines his skills in attack and defense, initiative, exploiting imbalances, accumulation of advantages and endgame play.
An aggressive repertoire for White based on d4/c4 whose objective is rapid central occupation. Among the recommendations are the Queen's Gambit exchange variation, f3 against the Nimzo-Indian, the Petrosian variation...
Réti is one of the most fascinating characters in the history of chess and one of the creators of the hypermodern school. This work includes 46 of his most instructive games in the "move by move" format
Old India is a solid and under-analyzed defense against 1.d4; This book presents tactical and positional ideas for both sides and includes a repertoire for Black.
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The Grünfeld is going through a sweet moment and is the main weapon of many elite players. In this new book we will see its latest trends, critical lines and news.
This guide examines the basic principles, typical strategies and key tactics of Scandinavian Defense. Both systems with 3...Qa5 and 3...Qd6 and 2...Nf6 are included
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The Queen's Indian is considered one of the most reliable defenses against 1.d4, and is popular at all levels. IM D' Costa analyzes this defense in his new work, highlighting typical plans for both sides and...



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