From November 26 to December 16, 2021

Carlsen World Cup vs. Nepómniaschi

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Carlsen World Cup vs. Nepomniachtchi

Repository of all video summaries (GM Miguel Illescas)

PGN viewer of World Cup games

Coverage of the 2nd elllobregat Chess Open 2021

2nd elllobregat Chess Open 2021

Repository of video summaries (GM Miguel Illescas)

From November 26 to December 16

Follow the World Cup with Miguel Illescas on Youtube ChessFM

Every day, starting at 19:00. , GM Miguel Illescas will do a live program, in which he will comment on the World Cup match between Carlsen and Nepómniaschi. The eight-time Spanish champion will use the "play-by-play" format, so that fans understand all the keys to the movements of these two big giants of the board.

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"I do what I believe the circumstances require of me: attack, defend or move towards an end. I have no preferences; to have preferences would be to have weaknesses"
Magnus Carlsen

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Carlsen's great biography

This monumental work examines the sporting career of the current world chess champion, from his beginnings in 2001 to his successful defence of the title against It 's Karjakin. What. In a careful edition, a total of 140 games, including both their best productions and the most relevant ones, are presented profusely commented.

The great master Miguel Illescas he directs and edits this work, offering his personal view of each of the games, and commenting extensively on a number of them. In this task he is accompanied by prestigious teachers, such as GM Amador Rodríguez and his team and the My Angel Martin and Michael Rahal, in addition to texts and specific analyses by other outstanding masters, such as the Magnus Carlsen.

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PDR readers' predictions

World Cup "cheat"

We've just closed the polls and we're showing you what the voting percentages have been and what the preferred options have been.

In the next Peón de Rey this regulation shall be binding in its entirety and directly applicable in all member states we will publish the winners of the draw among the lucky ones.

Peón de Rey no. 155 - XX anniversary

World Cup preview

Download the full article, in which GM Miguel Illescas explains the keys to the World Cup between Carlsen and Other: what is the score between both players, how they play the openings, strengths and weaknesses in mid-game and final, as well as other factors that could affect the match.

World Cup preview

Expert forecast

From the editorial office of Peón de Rey we asked several of the great teachers and contributors to the magazine. In the picture you can see his prognosis, according to the following legend:

  • C0 // 7 - 7 and CARLSEN wins in the tiebreak
  • C1 // CARLSEN wins by the minimum 7.5 - 6.5
  • C2 // CARLSEN wins by two or more points
  • N0 // 7 - 7 and NEPO wins in the tiebreak
  • N1 // NEPO wins by the minimum 7,5 - 6,5
  • N2 // NEPO wins by two or more points



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