Peón de Rey 88 digital

September-October 2010. Includes very complete chronicles of the most important events in chess during those months

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Peón de Rey no 88 (September to October 2010) - colour (electronic version in PDF)

Table of contents

3- Summary
4- Editorial
5- Tournament of the Kings in Bazna
12 - Sparkassen Dortmund:
18- Interview with Ruslan Ponomariov
20- Memorial Capablanca
24- Festival of Biel
28- Open of Benasque
34- Open of Andorra
37- That's how it was played in Dortmund
39- Theoretical developments in Bazna
44- Flash
49- Shop A21
54- Cto. spain by Age
62- The Alchemist: The King's Gambit
66- Beauty prizes in chess
70- Surprising openings
74- Play by play
79- Open court
86- Coach corner
90- PDR Junior
92- Indian Defence (I)
94 - Calculate your Elo
97- Tournament schedule
98- PDR advance 89

Other highlights

Page 5 - Half-Paddle: Undisputed win by Carlsen
One of the most interesting events so far this year was held in Romania, the fourth edition of the Tournament of Kings that reached the very high XX Category of FIDE, (2742) with the participation of 6 grandmasters of which only one, the local Nisipeanu, with its 2672 Elo points, was below 2700. The other five who fought hard, on a double lap, were Radjabov, Gelfand, Wang Yue, Ponomariov and Magnus Carlsen!

Page 12 - Dortmund: The return of Ponomariov
The Sparkassen tournament this time had an unexpected but deserved winner. Ponoma riov led his rivals by one point. In addition to their games, we'll be able to enjoy an interview with the winner by GM Rogers, just after the tournament.

Page 28 - Festival Villa of Benasque
Benasque celebrated the XXX edition of its chess Festival with great enthusiasm, achieving enviable participation rates in its various competitions, all of high level. The main event was won by Bulgarian GM Kiril Georgiev.

Page 54 - Spain by age
Throughout the month of July, Linares has confirmed its chess tradition by hosting seven championships of Spain for young people, from the benjamins Under-8, to the much more experienced Under-18, where the figures of tomorrow and also today take part.

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  • GM Ian Rogers
  • GM Oscar of the Riva
  • GM Javier Moreno and Carnero
  • GM Amador Rodríguez and his team
  • My Angel Martin
  • My name is Michael Rahal
  • It's not just me
  • Raul Arza
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