Peón de Rey 92 digital

Peón de Rey no 92 electronic [mayo-junio 2011]. What. Includes extensive commentary from Melody Amber tournaments: Aronian triumphs in Monaco, European Championship: Russian Potkin, new champion, with exclusive commentary from GM Paco Vallejo... and more.

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Peón de Rey no 92 (May to June 2011)

Table of contents

page 6 Melody Amber
Aronian wins at Monaco (GM Amador Rodriguez).

on page 18 European Championships
The Russian Potkin, the new champion
Exclusive commentary by GM Paco Vallejo

page 34 Two Sisters
He is a member of the Italian national team

page 40 Doha Grand Prix Female
Koneru confirms forecast

page 54 Open Aeroflot
Salgado is fired in Moscow (GM Amador Rodríguez)
Exclusive commentary by MI Olga Alexandrova

Other highlights

Page 30 - Report: electronic traps
Players under suspicion (Federico Martín Bellón) have been arrested and charged.

Page 46 - Previous Tournament Candidates
Analysis and forecasts by GM Amador Rodríguez.

Page 48 - Lion competition
Enter and win fantastic prizes.

Page 58 - Korchnoi is 80 years old
The old master is still active.

Page 60 - Cycle of conferences in Mexico
The history of chess (Carmen Romeo).

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