Peón de Rey 94

Peón de Rey not 94 [septiembre-octubre 2011]. What. It's already at your nearest kiosk or home Peón de Rey in all colours. Main contents: "Carlsen or the ambition to win. Track victories in Biel and Medias", "Kramnik repeats triumph in Dortmund", "PdR competition: wins a prize signed by Kramnik" ... and much more.

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Peón de Rey no 94 (september to october 2011)

It's already at your nearest kiosk or home Peón de Rey color number 94.


page 8 Biel
- Carlsen won alone (GM Amador Rodriguez)
- Game commented on by Carlsen (GM Ian Rogers)
page 18 Tournament of the Kings
- Carlsen and Karjakin in first place (GM Ian Rogers)
page 28 Sparkassen Chess Meeting
- 10 wins by Kramnik in Dortmund (GM Amador Rodriguez)
world Cup by national teams
- Armenia won the gold (GM Amador Rodriguez)
open Villa of Benasque
- Triumph of Tigran L. Petrosian
open of Andorra
- Victory by Kiril Georgiev
page 62 Spain Youth Championship
- Patron, headquarters of all categories


Page 27 - New contest Peón de Rey
Solve the problem and win a prize signed by Kramnik.


Page 27 - Theoretical news in media (GM Oscar of the Riva)
Page 95 - Sealed in the opening (MI Michael Rahal)


Page 78 - The 10 Essential Matters (GM Miguel Illescas)
Page 84 - Play by play (GM Amador Rodríguez) This is not a game
Page 88 - Jewel of Modern Chess (GM Miguel Illescas)
Page 93 - Advanced testing (GM Miguel Illescas)


Page 26 - Three semi-finals I 'm sorry to hear that

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