Peón de Rey annual subscription (digital)

The annual subscription includes:

  • 6 copies, with collectible PDF download
  • This is a new interactive PDF format: unloading and reproduction of each consignment.
  • Access digital version and hthe european parliament and the council
  • Access video club, selection GM Miguel Illescas
  • The Community Peón de Rey, with exclusive contests and prizes
  • Discount on the best tournaments
  • Significant discounts in the store Ajedrez21

Further information 

Subscription with automatic renewal, card charge. Check or cancel the renewal in your customer area "My subscriptions".

€34.90 €36.90
Acceso inmediato. Recibe el PDF del último ejemplar publicado
Annual payment with reduced price. Manage the renewal from your customer area
Digital product. Instant downloadDigital product. Instant download

PDR newspaper archive

Exclusive access through the website of Ajedrez21 to the editorial fund of the full 3-year magazine (2018-2020 with more than 2,000 pages). In addition to the web version, the PGN version of each copy and the interactive viewer for viewing matches are included. Also, every two months, we add a new antique copy to the blood library.

Video club

The Video Club is an area on VIMEO -exclusive for PDR digital subscribers- where you will find the collection of the best videos recorded in Spanish by Miguel Illescas: his best commented games, the tactics tests from the printed magazine adapted to the video format and extra materials that occasionally the Spanish champion selects from each copy.

Product Details
Selección de artículos PDR desde el nº 107 al 113 inclusive (81 págs. color - formato PDF)
Download (19.36MB)
Catálogo ebooks A21
Índice completo, descripción y enlace directo a los ebooks de aperturas, ordenado por código ECO.
Download (1.27MB)



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