Los 100 finales que hay que saber

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Ajedrez21 is pleased to offer you an exclusive world premiere.

For the first time, the best-selling book The 100 finalists you need to know of the GM Jesus of the Village, has been published in a video series and commentary by the author himself. What. The work of the Spanish GM has been reprinted and updated several times in Spanish and English, being one of the best-selling and most popular endings books of recent years. In this series of 54 exclusive videos of Ajedrez21, the author also uses it to expand and improve some examples of the printed edition.

Another important development of the collection is inclusion of 5 exams of 2 different levels (basic and advanced), including 75 final key positions, with their question, clue and detailed solution. What. Thus, the fan will be able to measure his level in the finals and his progress - before and after enjoying the videos.

The GM Jesus of the Village he has twice been absolute Spanish champion, several times captain of the Spanish Olympic team, author of various monographs and maintains a huge international prestige as one of the best coaches for young talents.

Let us then let the words of Jesus of the Village speak of his work The 100 finalists you need to know”.

Commented the GM Jesus de la Villa:

The Importance of the Endgames

In my early days in chess, I often read about the importance of knowing the endings well and the futility of studying the openings. Not only did I come across these arguments in the books of Whitehead, but also in many magazine articles of the time. Phrases like “the greatest understanding of the grandmasters is manifested at the end” and stuff like that. The same or similar treatment was given to strategy versus tactics, things like “grandmasters spend much more time making plans than calculating variants”, etc . It must have been because of this, that I, who during the game spent almost all my time calculating the variants accurately, and outside of it devoted much more to the study of the openings than of the finals, could not even imagine that I would ever become a grandmaster.

The Commission has

In recent times, the predominance of openings has become overwhelming. All great players spend most of their time researching new variants, with which to surprise their rivals and start the battle on the board in the most advantageous (or least disastrous, as you look at it) position possible. But don't be fooled, it's not that it's been discovered that finals are useless, it's that those players have already done their homework and at least, they know the most important finals well.

The Commission has

So if you want to get to a certain level of ELO, a good knowledge of the endings, we're not going to say it's essential, but it's very convenient. Otherwise, what will simply happen is that half points will slip away from time to time, and sometimes whole points, and those gifts will rarely be compensated for by victories at openings, because today, in that arena, even the dumbest man makes watches.

To put it plainly: if a player reaches a certain level of play, theoretical, strategic and tactical, he will lose many points if his knowledge of endings does not correspond to that level, and in that case, studying some endings will be the most economical means of improving his Elo.

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