Chess Strategy Lessons video course

"Chess strategy lessons" it's a magnificent series of 16 videos IN ENGLISH on several strategic concepts, developed by the great Spanish master Miguel Illescas. Miguel developed this series based on his years of high-level experience as a player and coach, having been part of IBM's Deep Blue Team and former trainer of World Champion Vladimir Krámnik.

The video course includes:

  • 16 high definition videos. Duration: 9 hours. 24 minutes. 51 seconds .
  • Extra material #1: Guide to the course in PDF.
    Free download!
  • Material #2: PGN file with the 72 items/positions used in the course.
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Video course (English)
Chess Strategy Lessons

GM Miguel Illescas

In his series: "Chess Strategy Lessons", GM Illescas shares with us his in-depth knowledge of the game, garnered over years of experience at the highest level as both a player and coach. Miguel's command of strategic concepts is superb, and he shares his knowledge in a way that is both instructional and entertaining. You will no doubt gain a much better understanding of the strategic concepts he deems are vital for chess improvement.

The content is Chess Strategy lessons is clear, concise and very insightful. Dare we say outstanding. Whether it's learning when to push rook pawns, or when to exchange a bishop for a knight, or the key elements of doubled pawns, you'll ultimately experience a tremendous boost in your understanding of key strategic aspects of chess play.


  1. It's called Introduction. you know what
  2. Pushing the Rook Pawn. i'm not going to lie
  3. Bishop takes Knight Part I. i'm not going to lie
  4. Bishop takes Knight part two. i'm not going anywhere
  5. The Carlsbad Structure Part . I
  6. The Carlsbad Structure part two. i'm not sure
  7. Open files part one. i can't believe this
  8. Open files part two. i'm not sure
  9. Double Pawns Part I. i can't believe this
  10. Double Pawns part two. i'm not going to lie
  11. Badly placed pieces. i'm not sure
  12. Pawn Structures when Preparing a Plan. Part I. (35:46 minutes)
  13. Pawn Structures when Preparing a Plan. Part two. i'm not going anywhere
  14. Liquidation into the Endgame. When to exchange pieces. Part I. i'm not going to lie
  15. Liquidation into the Endgame. When to exchange pieces. Part two. i 'm sorry
  16. Liquidation into the Endgame. When to exchange pieces. Part three. i 'm sorry
  17. Liquidation into the Endgame. When to exchange pieces. Part four. i can't believe this

Total runtime: 9 hours 24 minutes 51 seconds.


  • A full course guide.
  • FREE BONUS #2: A PGN with 72 positions/games used by Miguel during the course.
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