3 reviews
The DGT Starter Box (brown) includes a double folded chessboard, plastic chess pieces DGT high quality weighted and the digital clock DGT One hundred and two. The chessboard is made of laminated hardcover. Everything...
13 reviews
Very practical magnetic wall board and easy to transport. Includes yellow and red pieces, as well as Nylon case to store board and pieces.
3 reviews
Play chess at home or on the street in the best way with this portable magnetic board in a glossy, waxed and elegant finish. The beautiful pieces are stored safely in the built-in case, and the powerful magnet ensures...
2 reviews
The design is very original, but each piece is clearly identified, which, combined with its reasonable size, allows you to play with comfort. The board has a spectacular finish in high-gloss black and ivory, and the...
6 reviews
The DGT Starter Box (grey) includes a double folded chessboard and plastic chess pieces DGT high-quality weightings. The chessboard is made of laminated hardcover. Everything you need to get started in chess!
€46.03 €66.03
5 reviews
Thanks to the classic design of the pieces, this folding set has made its way into amateur choices. The folding board is lightly ornamented on the outside and has two compartments finished with felt lining for...
3 reviews
Folding game with very good value for money. The set includes folding case and Staunton model wood pieces, lightly plumbed, in sizes 4 or 5. The board is made of mahogany and sapelli. Dimensions 38cm by 38cm by 2.5cm....
2 reviews
This fantastic wall chessboard is ideal for teaching chess in schools, clubs, etc. It's easy to carry and lightweight, and you can hang it almost anywhere. This model includes 8 magnetic blue circles for didactic...
5 reviews
The Indian chess set is a very beautiful game with many fine details. The chess pieces are made in the traditional Indian design, with a bit of color contrast to make each one really stand out. Each of these...
7 reviews
Magnificent folding set, perfect for travel. The chess pieces are handmade and made of hornbeam and beech wood. The embossed folding chess board has an insert tray for storage of chess pieces inside. This set is...
5 reviews
Chess set with plastic board and resistant pieces, made of high quality plastic, slightly plumbed for greater stability and finished with felt underneath. With double queen, to facilitate the game when a second queen...
16 reviews
The magnetic mini chess is a three-fold pocket chess ideal for traveling or playing a game wherever you are: bus, subway, train, plane... thanks to the folded size of 155x 80mm. Includes an extra Queen for each side.
7 reviews
Two games in one, chess and checkers. Being magnetic, don't worry if someone moves the table while you play, the pieces will not move. The dimensions are perfect to take it anywhere, whether to the park or even on a...
1 review
New large wall board, 80 cm, self-adhesive; it adheres easily to any type of wall, even on slightly rough surfaces, and then detaches without leaving marks. Included are 32 pieces with magnetic support, and two extra...



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