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49 reviews
The dragon, the new piece that moves like a Knight and bishop. Two units are included, black and white, with instructions in a fancy organ bag. He 's seven centimeters tall The rules are very simple: the game starts...
129 reviews
It's a cheap plastic board that's ideal for starting chess. It is the best-selling in clubs, schools and used in homologated tournaments that has incorporated algebraic notation. Enjoy chess by combining this board...
38 reviews
These indestructible pieces will last a lifetime! Made of high-quality plastic, they are lightly plumbed and finished with felt underneath. This is optional Couple of extra ladies (number 6)
€32.28 €36.28
9 reviews
Superbly designed competition watch at the most affordable price. Valid for the vast majority of FIDE (International Chess Federation) game rhythms, including increments, such as the standard 90' + 30", usual in open...
9 reviews
Elegant satin bag to store up to 32 pieces of No. 5. They are light, soft to the touch, resistant and very durable. Hand wash with mild soap. Parts not included.
26 reviews
This economic model offers the possibility of using increments, adding time for each move made. The DGT 1002 can be used for the usual pace in most open tournaments, 90 minutes for the entire game, plus 30 seconds per...
227 reviews
Top sales! High quality board and plastic pieces set, manufactured in Spain. Competition size Staunton 5 (5 cm square, 45 x 45 cm, king height 9 cm), with coordinates. FREE SHIPPING from 4 units
€28.19 €31.32
17 reviews
It includes: Plastic panel of PVC the rules, how many roma, 45 x 45 in cm (chess 50 mm). Staunton plastic pieces 5/6 regulatory, the best-selling set of pieces. The dragon, the new piece that moves like a Knight and...
95 reviews
Our best-selling set of pieces, ideal for clubs, schools or tournaments. They are the most popular and international model Staunton No. 5. It stands out for having very aesthetically balanced pieces, with very...
€32.28 €36.28
The union of two top sellers! Our board and pieces best seller with the the best-selling book to get started or go over the basics of chess. High-quality set, made in Spain. Competition size (45 x 45 cm, chess 5 cm,...
3 reviews
If you have lost or broken any of the Competition plastic pieces,we offer you this replacement service. Plastic pieces Staunton 5+ (required) They belong to our best-selling set of pieces, ideal for clubs, schools or...
23 reviews
Conjunto con la mejor relación calidad-precio. Compuesto por el tablero de plástico más popular en los torneos y las magníficas piezas de la marca DGT, plomadas para ofrecer estabilidad, y que puedas jugar a un ritmo...
€70.59 €78.43
15 reviews
The brand's most modern watch DGT; it can be connected to the boards DGT and is in compliance with FIDE regulations. This limited edition has the same features as the popular DGT 3000 but has been designed with an...
€51.99 €57.77
The DGT2500 is the new standard for timing in chess matches, approved and recommended by the International Chess Federation (FIDE). With this new watch, you will raise your chess equipment to a professional level!...
20 reviews
Pieces made of schima wallichii wood from the needle tree, with excellent value for money. Lightly plumbed and fitted with felt pads at the bottom. They feel great in the hand and slide smoothly across the board....
€56.03 €66.03
11 reviews
The brand's most modern watch DGT; it can be connected to the boards DGT and is in compliance with FIDE regulations. It has been used in the last World Championships Carlsen-Karjakin (New York 2016), Carlsen-Caruana...
40 reviews
Elegant dyed wooden box to store the chess pieces. Includes two black and white compartments. Little one: 195 x 130 x 75 mm . Up to 32 pieces 5 or 34 pieces 4 (double queen) Median: 205 x 140 x 75 mm . Up to 34 pieces...
22 reviews
Velvet bag for keeping the pieces. Size: No 6+ --> 22 x 30 cm. (up to 34 pieces no. 6)
€44.55 €49.50
33 reviews
The most worn watch in competitions around the world, now at an irresistible price. The DGT 2010 is the official clock of the IHF. Comfortable handling and screen with optimal visibility. This watch has a large number...
8 reviews
Two games in one, chess and checkers. Being magnetic, don't worry if someone moves the table while you play, the pieces will not move. The dimensions are perfect to take it anywhere, whether to the park or even on a...
17 reviews
The magnetic mini chess is a three-fold pocket chess ideal for traveling or playing a game wherever you are: bus, subway, train, plane... thanks to the folded size of 155x 80mm. Includes an extra Queen for each side.
27 reviews
Classic Staunton style chess pieces, with a sober, timeless design. This model is one of the best-selling, for its high quality, with a contained price. They are perfect for competition, friendly games or fast games,...
5 reviews
Staunton model chess pieces, with the Knight carved in European style. What. Handmade, they've been carefully plumbed to ensure perfect stability. They come in a pine box and include double queen, to suit the most...
48 reviews
Excellent chess board, with the dark walnut frames and the light sycamore frames. Handmade by Rechapados Ferrer, the creators of the famous board from the Netflix series Cheerleading. Magnificent quality, waxy and...
18 reviews
Excellent chess board, with the dark frames of sapelly and the light ones of sycamore wood. Handmade by Rechapados Ferrer, the creators of the famous board from the Netflix series Cheerleading. Magnificent quality,...
34 reviews
Silicone and neoprene roll-up board, rolls out without wrinkles, guaranteed! Matte finish and non-slip base. Square size 55 mm. with coordinates. It is the perfect board to take everywhere and play professionally.
11 reviews
Large and easy to transport chess set composed of the famous plastic competition pieces of DGT in a velvet bag and a roll-up board made of silicone and neoprene, stretching without wrinkles, guaranteed! Finished mate...
14 reviews
Excellent chess board, with the dark frames of ebony mahogany and the clear ones of maple wood, with a sleek matte finish.
6 reviews
These pieces are a simple but elegant variety of the Staunton model, the most popular model. All the pieces are handmade by artisans. Their appearance, especially the beautiful polished surface, makes them similar to...
19 reviews
These fabulous chess pieces have been selected by Judit Polgar, the best player of all time. They are made with the highest quality boxwood, and with a triple load of lead, to give it the greatest stability. They are...
31 reviews
Set of German Staunton model pieces, in acacia wood and ebonized boj. Plumes for increased stability. Fantastic value for money. Size of king (mm.)- No 6: height 94 base 35- Number 5: height 90 base 32- No 4: height...
12 reviews
The highest quality wooden board, handmade and painted, with a matte finish. This board of Rechapados Ferrer she rose to fame by appearing in the deciding match of the Netflix series "Dame's Gambit". Handmade product,...



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