Plastic Tournament Chess Set

Top sales! High quality board and plastic pieces set, manufactured in Spain. Competition size Staunton 5 (5 cm square, 45 x 45 cm, king height 9 cm), with coordinates.

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Board game and homologated pieces, the standard in open tournaments! Ideal for schools and clubs. The easiest way to start playing.

The pack includes:

Plastic PVC panel (regulatory)

  • Rigid board of 45 x 45 in cm (chess 50 mm)
  • Manufactured in Spain
  • With algebraic notation

Staunton 5/6 (regulatory) plastic parts

  • King height: 90 mm
  • Feeling at the base
  • They come in a handy plastic box

With this game, we recommend the most complete course on video, now on offer!

Product Details

Data sheet

Product Type
Board and Pieces Game
High King
Base King
Piece weight
Base felt
Double queen
Square size
Board size
Board Thickness
Made in
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