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Pre-order now 10% off!Available on 14 November The new edition of the leading chess program is here. New ideas, precise analysis and tailored training! Everybody uses ChessBase, from the World Champion to the amateur...
Pre-order now - 10% off!2.2 Million Correspondence Games The new Corr Database 2024 is the large ChessBase collection of correspondence games from the period from 1804 to 2023. With more than 80,000 tournaments and...
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Pre-order now 10% off!Over 10.4 million games The ChessBase Mega Database 2024 is the premiere chess database with over 10.4 million games from 1475 to 2023 in high quality. Packing more than 112,000 annotated games,...
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Secure the decisive advantage with this unique library of openings! Anyone who deals seriously with openings cannot avoid using the encyclopedia of openings. Whether you're a beginner or a grandmaster. The...
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El nuevo motor Komodo Dragon 3.2 ha ganado alrededor de 20 puntos Elo sobre la versión 3.0 y más de 100 puntos Elo sobre la versión 2.0 cuando se usa un núcleo de procesador en blitz. ¡Esa es una gran mejora para un...
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PRE-ORDER 10% off WORLD CHESS SOFTWARE CHAMPION 2023 Attacker, coward, swindler, or endgame wizard: I'll show you how to win against anyone! After my World Championship victories in 2022 and 2023, I am the reigning...
With 1.7 million games - Pre-order now 10% off! The Fritz Powerbook 2024 contains 25 millions opening positions, derived from 1.7 million high class tournament games. Together with each position all relevant...
 Pre-order now - 10% off!10.4 million games The Big Database 2024 contains more than 10,4 million games from 1475 to 2023 in the highest ChessBase quality standard. From world-class tournaments, youth or senior world...
€38.47 €54.96
Includes the programs "Elementary Checkmates", "Elementary Checkmates II", "Easy Ways of taking pieces", "Complete Chess Course", "Chess Tactics for Beginners"
The classic among chess teaching programs for children. Strategic thinking, gymnastics for the brain, excitement for competition, playing and having fun with a huge dose of chess knowledge. This extraordinary and...
€11.51 €16.45
If you are a beginner, you cannot miss the excellent continuation of this course and improve your level of play. The large collection of chess drills makes it an excellent tool for quick and effective training, even...



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