The Magic of Chess Tactics 2

This book focuses on attacking techniques and transformations. Some of the topics covered: attack with queen and knight; attack with bishops of different colors; dunking; learn from world champions; changes and transformations. Includes dozens of exercises to reinforce teaching

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Tactical fireworks!

When released in 2002, the first volume of The Magic of Chess Tactics by FIDE Master Claus Dieter Meyer and German Grandmaster Karsten Müller was extremely popular. It was one of the first books to deal with tactics on high level. Like the first book, intended for advanced (Elo 1800+) players, this second volume puts special tactical motifs and themes under the analytical microscope.

Complicated tactics – the kind that separate tournament winners from the pack – require intuition, imagination and precision. The focus in this book is on attacking techniques and transformations. The contents include: Attacking with the Queen and Knight; The Knight on the Attack; Attacking with Bishops of Opposite Colors; Pins; Learn from the World Champions; and Exchanges & Transformations. The reader will find the analysis comprehensive and challenging.

Dozens of exercises help reinforce the reader's understanding of this complex subject matter. So, roll up your sleeves and prepare to ride herd on tactical fireworks and sharpen your tactical skills.

About the Authors

FIDE Master It 's Claus Dieter Meyer has become well known in Germany as an analyst and chess trainer. He has authored and translated many chess books. Though in retirement now, CD still has a passion for analyzing and training. He resides in Bremen, Germany

Grandmaster Dr. It 's Karsten Müller has been recognized as one of the world's experts on the endgame. He is the co-author with international master Frank Lamprecht of the highly acclaimed Secrets of Pawn Endings (2000) and Fundamental Chess Endings He was born in Paris. Also quite popular is his 2009 work, Bobby Fischer, The Career and Complete Games of the American World Chess Champion. What. His passion for chess tactics can be seen in several books, including the four Chess Puzzle books, The Magic of Chess Tactics, and the revised editions of The Art of Sacrifice in Chess and The Tactician's Handbook. What. I reside in Hamburg Germany.

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