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€23.52 €33.61
This book examines the history of the unequal struggle between man and machine, featuring the scientists and chess players who have participated for 50 years in this research project to improve the understanding of...
€18.14 €25.91
Greek GM Vassilios Kotronias analyses the strengths and weaknesses of the Breyer and Zaitsev variants and makes suggestions for improvements where necessary. Unloading  free sample  in the PDF.
€16.79 €23.99
Correspondence teacher David Willis breaks down the Sicilian Four Knights, one of the strongest variants that has received very little attention in chess literature.
€16.79 €23.99
This book focuses on attacking techniques and transformations. Some of the topics covered: attack with queen and knight; attack with bishops of different colors; dunking; learn from world champions; changes and...
€16.79 €23.99
This is the autobiography of GM Tukmakov, a fascinating journey to the golden age of the Soviet School. Includes many photographs and 40 commented games against the world's elite.
€16.79 €23.99
This work examines the still unexplored relationship of chess with music. The thesis of this extraordinarily researched book is that chess is an art in itself and is strongly related to mathematics and music.
€16.79 €23.99
The Belgian master Edgard Colle was one of the most dynamic chess players of the 1920s and early 1930s.
€10.06 €14.38
A supplement to the book ChessBase Completed which explains how to make the most of the new ChessBase 13, 14 and 15, which appeared after the original work was published.



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