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€118.68 €148.68
Complete chess set, with everything you need to play like the professionals. The neoprene board always looks impeccable, no matter how much you bend it, and the color combination with the wooden pieces is simply...
1 review
Carved pieces of polished boxbell, with an elegant brown color and original details in its characteristic Knight design. Perfectly plumb, with felt at the base and an excellent finish, they are ideal to distinguish...
€80.83 €90.83
8 reviews
The modern version of the most famous watch in history, used in world championships such as Fischer-Spassky 1972, Karpov-Korchnoi 1978, Karpov-Kasparov 1984 or Kasparov-Short 1993 Manufacture from cedar wood Size: 22...
1 review
Sheesham and Chidar wooden pieces, famous for their hardness and durability. Carved in an elegant brown color and classic Staunton design. The pieces are polished and plumbed, with green felt on the base and good...
2 reviews
This fantastic wall chessboard is ideal for teaching chess in schools, clubs, etc. It's easy to carry and lightweight, and you can hang it almost anywhere. This model includes 8 magnetic blue circles for didactic...
1 review
Talking bright beech pieces, with an elegant contrast in black, and an original Knight design. They come slightly plumb, with felt at the base, and good finishes. They are presented in a practice fabric bag.
3 reviews
Elegant chess watch recommended especially for blitz or fast games. Excellent value for money. Ideal for schools, clubs, associations, etc. Allows for increment or countdown of up to ten hours. Increase Fischer or...
33 reviews
Silicone and neoprene roll-up board, rolls out without wrinkles, guaranteed! Matte finish and non-slip base. Square size 55 mm. with coordinates. It is the perfect board to take everywhere and play professionally.
17 reviews
The magnetic mini chess is a three-fold pocket chess ideal for traveling or playing a game wherever you are: bus, subway, train, plane... thanks to the folded size of 155x 80mm. Includes an extra Queen for each side.
7 reviews
Side-opening pine wooden box, with very good finishes, including a light varnish. The 9 mm thickness of the wood and joints ensures structural integrity against height falls and/or light/moderate strength. Size (mm):...
1 review
New large wall board, 80 cm, self-adhesive; it adheres easily to any type of wall, even on slightly rough surfaces, and then detaches without leaving marks. Included are 32 pieces with magnetic support, and two extra...
Easily washable orange fabric bag to store your wooden or plastic pieces. It has a comfortable white cord closure.



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