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La visita de Judit Polgár a Valencia -cuna del ajedrez moderno- durante el mes de mayo, ha sido la oportunidad perfecta para reivindicar a la jugadora húngara como verdadera "Reina del Ajedrez". Además, cubrimos las primeras jornadas del Torneo de Candidatos que se disputa en Madrid y donde nuestro director, Miguel Illescas, ofició de maestro de ceremonias en la inauguración de tan importante evento.


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The visit of Judit Polgar to Valencia -the cradle of modern chess- during the month of may, it was the perfect opportunity to claim the hungarian player as the real "Queen of Chess". What. We also highlight the coverage of the first days of the Tournament of Candidates which is contested in Madrid and where our director the GM Miguel Illescas, served as master of ceremonies at the opening of such an important event.

On the international scene the main tournaments were the Norway Chess, who won Magnus Carlsen for the fifth time, though not without difficulty. The My Angel Martin is the author of the extensive chronicle on the norwegian classic. In Bucharest the first test of the Grand Chess Tour 2022, in which the French GM won convincingly Maxime Vachier-Lagrave, which returns to the world's TOP-10. He tells us in detail GM Àlvar Alonso. What. For its part, the My name is Michael Rahal he was in Menorca and tells us about the phenomenal triumph of the 16-year-old Indian GM Gukesh, in the I Open Chess Minorca. What. Closes the current block the reappearance of GM Paco Vallejo in the Festival of Prague and the idyllic surroundings of the Sunway Formentera.

The central part of the magazine focuses on the figure of Judit Polgar, who is interviewed in depth by George I. Water supplyMiguel Illescas rescues the best match of the Hungarian player, which includes comments from Judit.

Peón de Rey always emphasizes practical and training articles. In this line, the MF Jorge Ramírez he offers us "the four stages to improve in chess". What. And the GM Àlvar Alonso he signs two other excellent papers: "The Anaconda strategy" one item explained Play-by-play in the best style of Ulf anderson and with continual nods to the art of a gourmet. What. In the field of apertures, the recent popularity of the Taimánov variant against the open Sicilian. What. A complex and little-known but highly effective system.

Special mention to the exclusive collaboration of the former world champion This is Vladimir Krámnik, who along with Miguel Illescas they're still exploring that mythical match of London 2000 in which the russian player dethroned the undefeated Garry Kasparov. What. This time the third part is discussed at length.

As the magazine's headline, the It 's Mario Tallarico the peculiar figure of Nicolas Rossolimo, A GM who did everything but play chess. And in the finals section, the GM Jesus of the Village it explains the importance of the active tower at the tower ends. The Tactical test by GM Miguel Illescas close this new copy.

We hope you enjoy this new copy of Peón de Rey!

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