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La derrota de Magnus Carlsen, el 4 de septiembre de 2022 contra Hans Niemann, convulsionó el mundo del ajedrez. Este ejemplar cubre de forma exhaustiva todo el fenomeno Niemann. PDR-161 trae otros muchos contenidos fantásticos, como la exclusiva colaboración del GM Juan Manuel Bellón, con su extensa crónica "Memorias de un muralista", en la que narra sus vivencias en torno a las legendarias figuras de Fischer y Spassky, el Interzonal de Palma de Mallorca 1970 y el 50º aniversario del "Match del siglo" en Reikiavic, 1972.

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Magnus Carlsen's defeat on September 4 against Hans Niemann in round 3 of the Sinquefield Cup has shaken the chess world like never before, since the broadcast of the Netflix miniseries "The Queen's Gambit" in October 2020 and in the midst of the COVID pandemic. The new PDR-161 comprehensively covers the entire Niemann phenomenon, until October 20, when it culminated in a multimillion-dollar lawsuit against Carlsen and chess.com, among others. In a special way, the report produced during these weeks by GM Miguel Illescas, reflects in an extraordinary way all his chess evolution and analysis.

Of course, the new PDR-161 brings many other fantastic contents. And we would like to highlight the exclusive collaboration of GM Juan Manuel Bellón, with his extensive chronicle "Memoirs of a muralist", in which he narrates his experiences around the legendary figures of Fischer and Spassky, the Interzonal of Palma de Mallorca 1970 and the 50th anniversary of the "Match of the Century" in Reykjavic, 1972.

Our review of the current situation of the "Niemann Case" is completed with the opinion articles of the journalist Víctor Collell, "Hans Nienmann, cheater or innocent?" and computer engineer Isaac Lozano, "Traps in Chess".

National and international news cannot be missing from PDR either. GM Daniel Alsina deals in his extensive report with the Sinquefield Cup, won by Firouzja, but whose treble (he won the classic, the rapid and the Grand Chess Tour 2022), was overshadowed by the real protagonist, Niemann. One of the best games of the tournament is analysed in the new digital supplement. Also in the international area, the celebration of the European Club Championship stood out, covered in his usual style by GM Adrian Mikhalchishin. In this competition, the Spanish GM David Anton shone spectacularly, with a performance of... 2907 Elo!

Already in the national panorama, GM Àlvar Alonso comments on theSpanish Champion of the Division of Honor, where C.A. Solvay was proclaimed champion with great solvency. All eyes were on the sensation of the moment, Indian GM Gukesh, who brilliantly defended Solvay's second board. In the first division, El Casablanca and El Gros were promoted, as GM Daniel Alsina tells us in his article. GM Paco Vallejo was the mainstay of the winning team, obtaining 5.5 out of 7 on the first board, with no defeats. And together with Benasque, the traditional Sants Open was held in August, which once again had a large participation, after these years of pandemic. The chronicle of the tournament is signed by GM Àlvar Alonso. GM Narayanan was the winner of this edition, marked by the remarkable performance of the "Indian navy". We also echo sad news: the death of the Catalan master Gregorio García Conesa (1935-2022). D.E.P.

AI Mario Tallarico once again delights us with his stories of the "dark side of the board". And in the practical sections, a lot of good content awaits us in the training and finals sections. FM Jorge Ramírez once again signs an extraordinary and didactic article, in which he explains in detail "the 7 causes of errors in openings"; Ideal for fans who want to improve this aspect of their game. For his part, GM Àlvar Alonso reveals an astonishing coincidence, with a probability of one in a million. A mesmerizing tower endgame that lives several parallel lives! And closing this new specimen, GM Miguel Illescas presents us with a new Tactics Test, with 15 positions that will challenge our tactical vision.

It is therefore an essential and historic number in the amateur's library. We also encourage you to take advantage of the great 2022 subscription offer that will end in a few days: subscription to the paper edition, with a gift of the digital enhanced edition and a book of your choice. A promotion of more than 100 euros of RRP, which for a few days will cost you only 54.90.

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