High quality plastic Smart Board set

Forget about suffering with the mouse! Play online or against your computer with this branded SmartBoard DGT. What. This smart board easily connects to your computer to enjoy the feel of real 3D gaming. Your the elegant finish gives it an air of exclusivity. Play and learn with the included Fritz program, or connect online at portals like Lichess, Chess.com, ICC or Playchess.

  • Coordinate board, for more comfortable playback of moves.
  • Made of high-quality plastic, with elegant imitation wood.
  • It offers the same functionality as wooden e-Boards.
  • High quality leaded pieces, size 5.

Includes board, pieces and connecting materials (controllers, software DGT LiveChess, chess engine ChessBase Fritz and 100 days premium subscription to Playchess.com)

Try this board with the Computer DGT Pi!

This is a fragile product. If you wish to transport it we recommend the Transport bag DGT.


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The DGT Smart Board is an electronic chessboard with many different uses. It was developed as a more affordable alternative alongside board DGT in addition, it has been proposed to make live chess streaming more accessible. It is made of high-quality plastic and offers the same great functionality and user experience as wooden electronic boards.

Just like the boards DGT the smart board knows everything that happens on the board at all times. This gives it great speed and accuracy to record and broadcast live chess matches as they occur.

But it has many other uses besides that at home, club, tournament or chess event. The smart board DGT it's precise, fast, very energy efficient, extremely thin, tough with a net weight of only 2 kg.

The wood print finish on the top of the board is very attractive and resembles a real walnut wood board. The table is light, thin and ergonomic, making it easy to store and transport. Smart Boards are compatible with all electronic chess sets DGT. What. The size of the board is 52 x 52 cm with a standard tournament box of 55 x 55 mm .

When playing chess on a smart board, it records the games, which can be retrieved from the board in PGN format and used on other devices such as a PC, tablet or mobile phone. Use a chess program to analyze the game or publish your games.

By using a smart board to play chess, you can display the game locally on screens or televisions or stream the game live over the Internet on your website.


Smart Boards have many applications and configurations:


Playing online

Play online against opponents from around the world using the Smart Board as your input device. For example, you play against opponents in Chess.com, Lichess, ICC or in Playchess.com.


Registration of consignments

Use the dashboard to record your games for later analysis or publication. Analyzing your games is the best way to improve your chess.


Live Internet broadcast

Use free software DGT LiveChess and our free cloud service to stream your games live on your website.


Playing with the computer

The board interacts with the most powerful chess software and chess programs available on your laptop, PC, tablet or mobile phone. The Fritz computer program for PC is included with the Smart Board connection set for home use.


Chess computer DGT Pi

DGT Pi is a modern chess computer that makes your electronic board your ideal companion. Play or analyze with all the comfort of a competition board. The magnificent selection of chess engines included allows you to adjust the playing force according to your needs, and offer a wide variety of styles.


Connection of the eboard with commercial software and online gaming platforms (in english).

Product Details
DGT/pack 3

Data sheet

Product Type
Electronic board
High King
Base King
Piece weight
Plumb bobs
Base felt
Double queen
Square size
Board size
Board Thickness
Original hardcover box
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DGT Pi is a modern chess computer that makes your electronic board your ideal companion. Play or analyze with all the comfort of a competition board. The magnificent selection of chess engines included allows you to...



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