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DGT Centaur is a high-tech chess computer with a touchpad and innovative circular LED lights to indicate movements. He has a unique system to analyze his game during the game and use that information to challenge him on his own personal level.

This set includes the computer bag DGT Centaur, with the usual quality of the Dutch manufacturer. It contains board space, pieces and a charger.

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This pack contains
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  • It adapts to your strength.
  • Sensor board 40x40 cm.
  • The circular LED lights indicate movement.
  • Internally rechargeable battery.
  • Balanced chess pieces.
  • electronic screen e-paper.

This beautifully designed chessboard has touch sensors that record your movements effortlessly.

It has a rechargeable battery, e-paper electronics screen, intuitive settings in many languages and plumed plastic chess pieces. Computer movements are indicated by circular LED lights, in a simple and unique way.

Its biggest feature is the adaptive intelligent chess program that automatically adjusts to your playing strength so you always have a suitable playmate.

Stop using computers, tablets or phones and start playing chess with DGT Centaur on a real board with real chess pieces. Just turn it on and make your move! Centaur is always there to challenge you, help you develop your game and keep you in shape!

DGT Centaur has been built for excellent performance, whatever your level of play. Whether you're a local player or a club player, DGT Centaur will adapt to your level as soon as you make your first move. Its intelligent algorithm will automatically adjust to your level and always offer you a challenging, educational and very fun game! It has a tracking system and the option to configure any position.

DGT Centaur is not used to connect to your computer or online chess clubs. That's not necessary at all: use the Centaur to play, learn, train, analyze and improve your skill level. Above all, use it for fun!

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