Square off Pro

It's the world's first folding electronic chessboard. Its competition tournament size makes it ideal for enthusiasts interested in learning chess, as well as for amateurs and federations who want to improve and polish their game. It looks like a regular chessboard, but it has smart technology and a really powerful chess engine. And if that wasn't enough, it allows you to connect to the exclusive Square off app, from which you can play online with anyone in the world chess.com and lichess.org or compete in tournaments and win prizes and rewards.

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It looks like magic!

Why not take the game outdoors? Take this ultra-portable chessboard wherever you go, spread it out and just play!

Modernly designed chess pieces on this competition-sized board for the best professional experience there is.

Welcome to the Square Off app! A tap on your smartphone is all you need to unlock a lot of possibilities.

Bring your game to life with interactive LED lights and game sensors that guide your every move.

Square off Pro

Advanced Features

  • Learn from adaptive AI and challenge yourself against the 20 difficulty levels.
  • Connect with over 50 million players worldwide through chess.com and lichess.org.
  • You can record your games, share them and analyze them later.
  • Make your chess game more interactive with your opponent as you challenge them.
  • Analyze the games you've played with the built-in AI and develop your future strategies.
  • Take part in the fierce league tournaments and advance to the finals while earning rewards.
  • Play against the most powerful chess engine:
  • Play personalized positions with the AI
  • Get friendly suggestions, warnings against threats with reinforcements
  • Perfect detection of parts and movement.
  • Fast and convenient charging via USB-C.
  • Long battery life, up to 5 hours on a single charge.
Product Details

Data sheet

Product Type
Electronic board
Total weight 32 pieces
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