Peón de Rey 153

Entre otros contenidos exclusivos, el nuevo PDR-153 tiene varios artículos extraordinarios, con firmas de gran prestigio: El GM argentino Carlos García Palermo realiza una extraordinaria investigación histórica sobre el Torneo de AVRO 1938, uno de los más fuertes de la historia. Un reportaje pleno de documentos inéditos, fuentes originales de la época, etc. También queremos destacar una entrevista inédita del genial Miguel Najdorf, "el viejo", a cargo del periodista cubano Jesús G. Bayolo, que como siempre, aporta material original que solo él posee. Completa este fantástico artículo el GM Reinaldo Vera, quien analiza alguna de las mejores producciones del inolvidable GM argentino... ¡Descubre todos los contenidos del nuevo PDR-153!

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The Peón de Rey no 153 (july to august 2021) this is a very special issue, with extensive items of the highest quality, to enjoy in the quiet of the holidays. The magazine starts with several contests and letters from readers. Special coverage from the prestigious Cuban GM This is Reinaldo Vera, of the Tournament of Candidates won by the russian Other, who will compete for the world title in Dubai at Carlsen end of the year. The GM It 's Daniel Alsina it also covers the latest online tournaments of the Champions Chess Tour, in which Carlsen reimpose his law. One of this week's specials arrives THIS IS PDR-153. Closing coverage GM Miguel Illescas about the victory of Other in the first major live tournament: the Superbet chess classic. Changing completely of registration, the Argentine GM Carlos Garcia and Palermo he has done an extraordinary historical research on the The AVRO tournament of 1938, one of the strongest in history. The traditional section "The departure of the readers" in charge of GM Miguel Illescas closes this first half of content, with two excellent examples of the creativity of our subscribers.

In the literature section, Jose Luis Torrego he makes a magnificent review of the last book of the incombustible Antonio Gude: "The best of times", a play that tells us about the major chess events of the 20th century PDR-153: an unprecedented interview with the great This is Miguel Najdorf, "the old man", by the cuban journalist Jesus G. Bayolo, who, as always, contributes original material that only he possesses. This fantastic article is completed by GM Reinaldo Vera, who analyzes some of the best productions of the unforgettable Argentine GM.

PDR-153 closes with its usual practice and training sections. The Italian GM It 's Andrea Stella he once again demonstrates his masterful knowledge of strategic issues by signing a formidable article on "Long-term delivery of workers". What. In the final section, as usual, the great specialist signs GM Jesus of the Village, with the third part of his series "To Change or Not to Change". Finally, a new "Test of tactics" of the GM Miguel Illescas to test our readers.

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Featured content

The Commission's proposals

  • Letters from readers.
  • The winners are PDR-152.
  • Competition PDR-153


  • Nepo-21, the virus that threatens the crown (GM Reinaldo Vera).
  • Carlsen finally wins the Champions Chess Tour. (Daniel Alsina) What is this.
  • Mamedyarov is attacking again. (GM Miguel Illescas)


  • A trip to the past: AVRO 1938 (GM Carlos García Palermo).


  • It reviews the book "The best of times", by Antonio Gude. (José Luis Torrego) This is the first time


  • My last interview with the Old Man. (Jesus G. Bayolo and Reinaldo Vera)


  • Long-term delivery of workers. (GM Andrea Stella) It 's all right
  • Finally, to change or not to change? 3. (GM Jesus of the Village)
  • This is a tactical test.
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