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Dedicamos la portada a la victoria de Carlsen en el Mundial, que ha revalidado de forma brillante su corona por quinta vez consecutiva. Y también hemos querido destacar las colaboraciones especiales de Leontxo García, Pepe Cuenca, Maestro "Luisón"Rey Enigma y David Llada. La gran cobertura del Mundial se completa con el "ronda a ronda" a cargo de Miguel Illescas.


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We dedicate the cover to the victory of Carlsen in the World Cup, who has brilliantly revalidated his crown for the fifth time in a row. And we also wanted to highlight the special collaborations of Leontxo GarciaPepe CuencaMaster "Luison", King Enigma and David Llada. What. The great coverage of Worldwide is completed with round-by-round Miguel Illescas.

From behind the scenes is a document of exceptional value, in which David Llada, photographer, journalist and now FIDE communications director, reveals very important aspects of the match, such as its global impact, how the incomparable framework of the Exhibition in Dubai, etc . For his part, the popular journalist and publicist Leontxo Garcia, brings to the debate the comments that Carlsen made after the Worldwide, when he declared that he would only defend the title against Firouzja.

The 'round-the-clock' approach by the GM Miguel Illescas, which analyses the most important moments of the match, as well as the best matches, with the notable exception of the sixth game - the key of the match - which is discussed in great depth by the GM Pepe Cuenca, another remarkable article.

And precisely about Firouzja it deals with the chronicle commenting on the GM Daniel Alsina on the Grand Swiss of FIDE, which the iranian player - now a french national - won with great credit. PDR it also includes chronicles of other important competitions, such as the European Nations' Cup, where Spain performed exceptionally well. OR Elllobregat Open Chess commented by GM Jesus of the Village and it was won by a revelation player and who just became world fastball champion: the Uzbek GM He 's not here, only 17 years old. Another excellent article is the one that brings us the My name is Michael Rahal on the Championships of Spain of veterans, where he won the +50 and the GM Txelu Fernandez the +65 year old.

The special collaborations of "Riddle king" and "Master Lucian" these two popular characters illustrate two very interesting topics: "Riddled attack" and the "Education on the Internet". What. For his part, It 's Mario Tallarico he keeps charming me with his section anecdotes "Box number 66". What. This time we're gonna laugh at the expense of some great players and their hilarious stories.

Another highlight of this issue is the extraordinary report that the Argentine journalist Spanish signature on the final mythic of Candidates between Fischer and Other it was in Buenos Aires, 1971. An unmissable graphic document, with unpublished material and the first entry specially commented on by the GM Miguel Illescas. What. And for the enjoyment of the fans GM Adrian Mikhalchishin it gives us practical examples of real chess tragedies.

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