Paintable Chess

Paintable chess is an ideal product for schools, clubs and schools, as well as for family play. It's a chess game with some fancy pieces and a board/board of 42x42cm with a chess manual in spanish and english, two markers, a draft, all of this included in a box with a nice design ideal as a gift.

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OCACHESS presents this version of the classic chess, especially aimed at children and schools, with a board/pizza and a marker to mark exercises or movements on the board.

The painting board can explain basic and fundamental chess concepts using markers to mark squares, routes, pieces and distances, making it a perfect combination for creative chess learning.

With the new paintable chessboard chess thinking has its physical embodiment on the same board.

The ideas and concepts essential to the enjoyment of chess are visualized and embodied on the very stage of play.

The Pintable Chess makes it possible for children to have fun, freely develop their creativity, seeking a teaching united to delight, becoming an ideal educational resource for schools, clubs and schools, as well as to play in the family.

As there are many topics to be covered, we will give some ideas below, although it will be the students and teachers themselves who must generate their own exercises.


16 Black and white pieces: king, queen, 2 bishops, 2 knights, 2 rook and 8 pawns.
1 board/folding board of 42 x 42 cm.
2 erasable markers with sponge.
Chess manual

Topics that can be discussed

Movement of parts

We can mark the different movements of the pieces using various systems. Once you know the movement, you can perform very varied exercises.

Fundamental concepts

All the fundamental concepts of the board can be presented in an easy and simple way, with both the student and the teacher participating in the preparation.

Strategic issues

You will be able to learn strategic concepts such as the square rule, opposition, distances in endings, triangulation, etc.

Structure concepts

Learn different pawn structures, marking their configuration. In this way we can identify patterns or other concepts.

Algebraic system and exercises with letters and numbers

Learn the algebraic system quickly by checking the boxes and doing exercises related to writing and language.

Placement of parts

Placing the pieces by drawing them and giving them life

Marking plays and candidate plays

Analysis of games and positions, marking key plays and plans.

Product Details

Data sheet

Product Type
Folding sets
Fabric, Rubber, Cardboard, etc.
High King
Base King
Piece weight
Base felt
Double queen
Square size
Board size
Board Thickness
Stretch film
Made in
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