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The dragon, the new piece that moves like a Knight and bishop. Two units are included, black and white, with instructions in a fancy organ bag. He 's seven centimeters tall The rules are very simple: the game starts...
48 reviews
New version Ajedrez21! Give your games more excitement! This deck of cards, originally created by EDAMI, introduced chance into the chess game, with very simple rules and keeping the essence of the game intact....
Allegorical medal with inscription on the reverse "ESCACS - School EDAMI"I'm not going anywhere. It's made of brass, with a 50 mm diameter tape. It has a laurel-shaped embossed detail and a board motif.
4 reviews
Give a chess touch to your keys by adding this practical keychain, made of durable yet lightweight plastic. Select your favorite piece
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New English version 2023! A plus in family education! This deck of cards IN ENGLISH, created by EDAMI, introduces chess in the family and schools in a fun way, and it will allow you to practice common terms of the...
9 reviews
Elegant satin bag to store up to 32 pieces of No. 5. They are light, soft to the touch, resistant and very durable. Hand wash with mild soap. Parts not included.
1 review
The family chess pack! Take these top sellers at an attractive discount. The best way to introduce children to the noble game of chess, and keep them motivated with the supplements created by EDAMI, the Miguel...
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If you have lost or broken any of the Competition plastic pieces,we offer you this replacement service. Plastic pieces Staunton 5+ (required) They belong to our best-selling set of pieces, ideal for clubs, schools or...
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Give your keys a decorative touch by adding a wooden key fob. We have a variety of models and colors, many of them unique! Select which piece and color you want* *Photo for reference, there could be different models
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Choose from the combo below the keychain model you like best. Size: 26 x 26 mm . Perfect keys as a child's gift.
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Caissa Cards is a deck of cards based on chess players from different eras and that allows you to play up to 4 different games (or more!).Explanatory videos
22 reviews
Velvet bag for keeping the pieces. Size: No 6+ --> 22 x 30 cm. (up to 34 pieces no. 6)
17 reviews
Exclusive pen with a modern look, in electric blue. Great writing quality.
Nice keychain in the shape of a chess piece. We have these keychains made of nickel and brass. Perfect for children's gifts. Dimensions: 30 to 35 mm.
9 reviews
Paintable chess is an ideal product for schools, clubs and schools, as well as for family play. It's a chess game with some fancy pieces and a board/board of 42x42cm with a chess manual in spanish and english, two...
13 reviews
Very practical magnetic wall board and easy to transport. Includes yellow and red pieces, as well as Nylon case to store board and pieces.
The dragon, the new piece that moves as a knight and bishop. Two units, black and white, are included with an instruction letter in an elegant cloth bag. The rules are very simple: the game starts normally, with the...
1 review
Edición coleccionista Hoja con 50 sellos conmemorativos 36ª Olimpiada de ajedrez de Calvià (Mallorca, España - 15-30 oct.) Nuevo con goma original. Impresión: Huecograbado. Pliego: 50. Motivo: Logotipo y mascota...
€18.60 €20.66
Pirates of the Board is a board game for all audiences in which pirate tactics and chess strategy are combined. Each player uses two bishops and a Knight to try to follow the treasure sequence, conquer territories,...
Pad of 50 sheets designed by New In Chess and inspired by the famous "Rite in the Rain" notebook. It's spiral-bound at the top so it sits open comfortably next to your chess board, and each sheet includes space for 80...
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OCACHESS merges the popular, simple and fun game ofwith the king of games, the millennial chess.Ocachess it proposes two levels of play: basic and advanced,with 154 questions and 154 math challenges.Thus, alongside...
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This fantastic wall chessboard is ideal for teaching chess in schools, clubs, etc. It's easy to carry and lightweight, and you can hang it almost anywhere. This model includes 8 magnetic blue circles for didactic...
Polish EDAMI in various sizes. High-quality garment, with silkscreened logo Escola d'Escacs Miquel Illescas (in Catalan)
High-quality boxwood checker tokens from the renowned MORA house in Barcelona. Box of 40 units with a diameter of 28mm.
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New large wall board, 80 cm, self-adhesive; it adheres easily to any type of wall, even on slightly rough surfaces, and then detaches without leaving marks. Included are 32 pieces with magnetic support, and two extra...
€164.63 €205.79
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USB drive with a 75 Gb selection with the best video courses in the store Ajedrez21. What. Enjoy this content on your TV or PC without the need for an Internet connection. - Video chess course, by Miguel Illescas. -...



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