Mis Geniales Predecesores vol. 1

En su profundo análisis de los campeones del mundo -y de los jugadores que dejaron honda huella sin lograr el trono- el autor sitúa a cada uno en su época y disecciona los rasgos psicológicos que influyeron en sus partidas.

En el volumen I se analizan a: Wilhelm Steinitz, Emanuel Lasker, José Raúl Capablanca y Alexander Alekhine.

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"This is probably the chess book that I have read with the most pleasure," wrote the British Nigel Short, defeated by Gary Kasparov in the 1993 World Championship final, in his review for the Sunday Telegraph.

In this Spanish edition, which corrects the errors of the previous Russian and English publications, the reader will be impressed by the wise mix that Kasparov achieves between his status as undisputed number one since 1985 and his passion for history. In his in-depth analysis of the world champions - and the players who left a deep mark without achieving the throne - the author places each one in his era and dissects the psychological traits that influenced his games. And in glossing these, Kasparov merges all the analyzes that the fan could wish for, those carried out in his day by the protagonists and their contemporaries, those carried out later by the Great Masters, those of the most powerful computers of our days, and those of Kasparov himself. , who takes special care to distinguish the sources for the reader's greater enjoyment. The past, the present and the foreseeable future merge in this first volume of this great work that will consist of five volumes. Given that the quality of the games grows as they approach the present day - all champions learned from their predecessors - it is worth asking: what will Short say when he reads the following installments

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Un genio, Gary Kasparov, analiza minuciosamente a otro genio, Bobby Fischer, en uno de los libros más interesantes que pueden escribirse sobre ajedrez.



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